Pak-Turk School donates Rs1m for victims of Philippines typhoon

Islamabad - Students of a Pak-Turk International Schools and Colleges have donated Rs1 million from their pocket money and savings for the children affected by the typhoon Haiyan that devastated Philippines recently.

Soon after the typhoon, administration of the school organised a fund raising campaign to help the deserving in the Philippines during which students from the pre-school to college contributed wholeheartedly.

Speaking at a ceremony organised at the completion of the drive, Pak-Turk Director Kamil Ture said that the step was taken as part of service and to meet critical humanitarian needs which is part of our education system. “We want to lift sense of responsibility among students and provide them an opportunity to serve humanity selflessly which will help transform them into noble citizens,” he added.

Kamil Ture said that children naturally look for ways to help others; we should provide them opportunity to enjoy the fruits of contribution so that they become responsible, fulfilled and proud to be able to help those in need.

The typhoon that killed 6,100, left 1,700 missing, swept away a million homes and injured 27,000 in Philippines was a catastrophe that cannot be ignored, Ebubekir Hispolat, an official of the institution said while talking to ‘The News.’ Pak-Turk Chairman Unal Tosur said that parents can use catastrophes as an opportunity to help children learn importance of reaching out to others in time of need which in turn make a measurable difference in their own lives.

Later, the funds were handed over to the country chief of a Turkish NGO engaged in relief operations globally with a focus to serve humanity in Philippines.

Source: International The News - 12/23/2013